Patented / Made in the U.S.A.

The Only, Double-Locking, Rubber Based Restraint

* up to 7 Year Shelf Life; Resists Brittleness**


Double-Lock Improves Officer Safety by making it virtually impossible to shim or break using blunt force techniques commonly used with nylon Zip Tie type restraints. The unique wedge shaped design of the Locking Clip also prevents accidental over-tightening of the cuffs during prisoner transport or a struggle. In addition; Cobra Cuffs reduces officer liability and is safer for the prisoner.

The tactical advantage in fully assembled Cobra Cuffs can be found in no other disposable restraint.

Item # MS24D-250

National Tactical Officers Association- Highest Score of 4.88 out of possible 5.0 ! *Read Full Evaluation by clicking NTOA Icon (left) or on Testimonials Page*

Patented Cobra Cuffs are made with Cross-Linked Rubber and come in 4 standard Colors: Black, Tan, Green & White. Custom colors in Orange, Yellow & Pink also available. Re-Useable Trainer Cuffs are Blue or Red - For Training Only


Why Rubber? Rubber helps prevent the stress cracking common with nylon zip ties when exposed to cold, heat or folding / creasing. Superior shelf life is an added benefit with Cobra Cuffs (5-7 yrs), depending upon storage conditions.


The Super Tough Rubber Based Polymer used in Cobra Cuffs absorbs the shock and stress during a struggle -making the 400+ Tensile Strength more than sufficient to contain the most violent prisoners.  

Ask about our Handcuff Certification Course offered covering both Cobra Cuffs & Metal Cuffs
"Principles and Tactics of Handcuffing using Cobra Cuffs Disposable Restraints"

2-Pack Nylon Pouch for Cobra Cuffs with Belt Loop or Clip


Light weight, heavy duty nylon with velcro flap for easy access; fits most duty belts.

Item # WEB4-L (3'' belt loop) & WEB4-C (metal belt clip)

3-Pack Open Top Pouch for Cobra Cuffs with molle straps / belt loop
Ballistic Nylon Open Top with Molle compliant backing hold 3 Cobra Cuffs with a snug fit.            Part # MS8002
Ballistic Nylon Pouch holds 1 - Cobra Cuff with Belt Loop

Part # MS31389
                           XTREME ZIP TIESTM - FOLDABLE 

XTREME ZIP TIES are the Only Rubber Based Zip Tie that folds from 24'' down to 8''. Using the same basic design as Cobra Cuffs; Xtreme Zip Ties provide the same double locking function but a single strap allows additional applications outside of law enforcement.


With up to 300 lbs + of locked tensile strength; Xtreme Zip ties can be used anywhere a Super Heavy Duty Zip Tie is used, but with the extended shelf life and superior temperature resistance not found with nylon based products. 

**Up to 7- Year Shelf Life**


Foldability allows easy storage in glove boxes, pockets, etc...

Item # XT-250 (Black, Green, Yellow, White & Glow in the Dark*)

*Glow in the Dark uses Phosphorescent additives that absorb light; then glows in a blue/green color in the dark for up to 10 hours. Then once glow is diminished; it will reabsorb light again and glow in the dark, over and over...

Pull to tighten, then depress Locking Clip              To Cut; Slowly squeeze strap into blade slot


 (For Standard Issue, Metal Handcuffs)


With innovative plastic snap rivets (2 sizes; 0.125'' & 0.062'' assembled spacing) to snap through a hole in clothing. Taller Rivet will snap fit through thick clothing like a sweater or tactical gear. Allows the wearer to conceal on shirt tails, socks, underwear, etc.. Appears to be an extra button on top of clothing, but underneath- the key is securely attached. Perfect for undercover agents, special forces & covert operations. Allows secret access to key for escape if detained, unlawfully.  Extremely small and hard to detect. Can also be sown into clothing. **To assemble rivet attachment; Insert Male Rivet through clothing and into smooth side of key to lock in snap rivet; pull / twist off key to release for use**


Made with Super Tough Resin for repeated key use. Also handy as a back-up key. At just over 3/4'' length and 1/2'' width, easily fits on a key chain or lanyard. HydaKey Item #: MP50 -Color (Black, Tan, Green), Rivets; MR62 (0.062'' spacing), MR125 (0.125'' spacing)


**Important Notice: HydaKey is only to be used by Law Enforcement, Military or Security Professionals in accordance with all local, state and federal law or as a tool to counter illegal detainment. Improper use to evade arrest by civilians is strongly discouraged. Milspec Plastic assumes no responsibility for the ability to use or misuse of this product**