NEW  - Patent Pending - Cobra Cutter safety cutting tool functions as a key chain and safely cuts to release Cobra Cuffs & Xtreme Zip Ties. Made with unbreakable plastic resin which houses a recessed carbon steel blade to keep fingers safe. Simply insert strap into safety slot and slowly squeeze; pushing up from the base of the Cobra Cutter.

Also Cuts, Seat Belts in an Emergency, Opens Boxes and Easily Cuts Packaging materials. Measures 2.5 '' length x 1.0'' width. Weight less than 1/2 ounce.

Item #: CRC (Black, Yellow, Tan)
Custom Colors/Printing Available -minimum order applies
LIFESAVER-CUTTER TOOL by ResQMe Easily Cuts Cobra Cuffs or Xtreme Zip Ties with recessed stainless steel blade.  Protected blade allows safe prisoner release. Great for first responders and easily snaps onto a key chain. Also includes spring loaded, window breaking tool. Simply push onto any automotive tempered glass window and spring loaded steel pin will shatter window easily. Item # RQM-Color (Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange)
MRC -Milspec Restraint Cutter safely cuts Cobra Cuffs with easy to hold handle. Two recessed carbon steel blades for double the life.                       Measures 4.5 '' x 1.0''. Item # MRC (Black, Yellow)