Semi Auto Non-Lethal .68 Cal Air Launcher  with fully automatic option allows full coverage with 200 round hopper & area saturation up to 175' away.
.68 Cal  

Milspec Plastics is an Asheville, North Carolina based company that manufactures Patented Cobra Cuffs®, XTREME® Zip Ties and provides a complete package of Non-Lethal, Emergency Response / Mass Arrest Products to Law Enforcement, Military, Professional Security & Corrections markets. Milspec Plastics is proud to partner with Industries for the Blind (IFB) - Asheville, NC location for Cobra Cuff assembly and order fulfillment.

Our Assurance:

We are dedicated to the development and delivery of innovative products based upon our highly engineered, thermoplastic resins. All products meet or exceed the high industry standards expected for the safety of Law Enforcement, Military and Security Professionals.

Milspec Plastics has a proven track record of successfully delivering high performance products to Law Enforcement Agencies. With decades of experience in plastic engineering; Milspec Plastics has pioneered innovative solutions - tested and approved in the field.


Area of Expertise:

  • Super Heavy Duty, Foldable, Double Locking Restraints - Patented Cobra Cuffs®  & single strap XTREME ZIP Ties
  • Re-Useable Cobra Cuff Training Restraints & Cutting Tools
  • Non-Lethal .68 Cal Launchers & Accessories
  • .68 Cal Non-Lethal Projectiles, covering inert training and impact rounds to potent active OC & CS payloads.
  • Handcuffing Certification Course Offered; Cobra Cuffs & Metal.  "Principles and Tactics of Handcuffing"
  • Non-Lethal Launcher Certification Course Offered for Law Enforcement, Corrections & Private Security Professionals
DOUBLE-LOCKING (Folded: 8'' length)

Available in Colors; Black, Green, YellowWhite & Glow in the Dark
Up to *300+ lb Tensile Strength* (Locked Loop)